System Networks - Spam Filtering

Preventative - Stopping the threat before it becomes a threat

System Networks spam filter is compliant with the email message level scanning requirements for the following regulatory compliance agencies: PCI DDS, HIPAA, HITECH, NERC CIP, TR-39, FFIEC, CFPB **Note: not all agencies listed

We are confident that our spam filtering solution will meet all of your email filtering needs so we will include a 30 day trial of this service, when a 1 year service agreement is signed. The trial will begin the on the same day the agreement is made. If you feel that our filter does not meet your needs before the 30 days are up, your agreement will be void. 


Customer Login

Click the link to the below to log into your Spam Filter Administration Console. 

Here is a list of features included in your filtering service:

Spam Filter

  • Filtering Policies (Enables you to block file types such as zip files)
  • Deep Email Scanning (Checks within attachments and zipped files for malware and viruses)
  • Geographic Filtering
  • Custom Filtering Rules
  • Email Recipients with LDAP (only email is delivered to users within your organization)
  • Approved and Blocked Senders (White and Black lists)
  • Missed Spam email address (Allows users to forward emails to the spam filter to add them to the block list)


  • Organization Quarantine
  • Individual Quarantine (Requires additional setup by the Administrator)
  • 30 day Legal hold on all email (Keeps a copy of all email sent to your organization for 30 days)
  • Advanced Email Search
  • Re-deliver messages and Bulk Re-deliver

Administrative Console

  • Reports messages sent to your organization along with the effectiveness of the filter
  • Flush Mail Queue (Tells the filter to deliver all email)
  • Mail Queue (Messages queue in the filter until your server is available to receive them, protecting you from mail server outages)